We met ten years ago at a technology company and our love blossomed between the cubicles. Mary left tech and has worked in a non-profit for the last five years, so we think it’s very lucky that our paths crossed during that time in our lives!

Ahmet is from a Turkish family—he grew up in Chicago, the middle child of three, with trips to Turkey in the summer to see his cousins and grandparents.

Mary is from a family of nine and grew up on a vegetable farm in Kansas with little money, but an abundance of love and chaos. We came from very different backgrounds, but make a great team because we bring balance to each other.

We live in downtown Chicago and can’t wait to share our urban life with a child. We have a small dog and a cat. We don’t have a gender or race preference. Our neighbors adopted recently and we have seen the joy in their faces that their daughter brings them.